We have Mainly Long wheel base cars like Holden caprice in your service and all our drivers are very professional drivers


Premium Luxury cabs or Melbourne Premium taxi services have a wide range of luxury taxis and hire cars for your service.We do provide you top quality taxis and hire cars and professional drivers for all your airport transfers and longer trips,so you can feel comfortable and have smooth ride.Our aim is to provide you best customer service.Our Fleet cars includes wide range of Luxury cabs Holden caprice ,ford G6E and some other new luxury models.

We have been providing our taxi service to corporate people since seven years, and all those people used our services still using our service. When you book cab with us we would send SMS when cab at your place, so you do not wait outside your house, office or out in rain. We are specialise in airport transfers so once you book with us you would never miss you plane because of Taxi.